Bright Rock Quality Large Cap

The investment objective of the Bright Rock Quality Large Cap Fund is long-term capital appreciation. We seek to build a portfolio of high-quality companies that deliver strong, stable, earnings consistency. Our selection process starts with our proprietary quality screening metrics, followed by rigorous quantitative research and complimented with a disciplined bottom-up fundamental analysis. Some of the criteria considered for inclusion in our quality universe include:

  • Earnings quality, reliability, and growth
  • Competitive position including intellectual property, proprietary products, processes, or services and industry leadership
  • Financial Health including balance sheet strength, working capital, cash flow, ROE, net income
  • Business Health including market share, cost of goods, sales growth, net margins, ROE volatility

The result is a diversified portfolio of high quality businesses that we believe have the potential to provide attractive risk adjusted returns to investors.


Cash flow measures the cash generating capability of a company by adding non-cash charges (e.g. depreciation) and interest expense to pretax income. Return on Equity (ROE) is a measure of a corporation's profitability.